General Conditions

  1. These general conditions relate to GPR Joure and all actions that were or are carried out and/or done and/or not performed by us and/or third parties engaged by us.

  2. If you want to collect a repaired item or have it collected, the corresponding repair slip must be submitted. Without the relevant voucher, a refund can be refused.

  3. GPR Joure cannot be held liable in any way for the defect and/or loss of (parts of) equipment and/or articles and/or accessories that have been returned to us.

  4. The actions taken or yet to be performed by us for service reasons, whether or not (partially) paid, do not qualify for warranty.

  5. If you give us a repair order, we can ask for a 50% down payment. For items specially ordered and/or assembled for you, 100% prepayment can be requested. Items specially ordered for you cannot be taken back, except for warranty handling.

  6. You must have your equipment(s) offered for diagnosis and/or repair (repaired or not) picked up within 3 months after you have received a message from us. After this period of 3 months, you automatically and tacitly relinquish your right of ownership. You donate the device(s) to GPR Joure and the article automatically becomes the property of GPR Joure.

  7. We provide the standard factory/dealer warranty on new items delivered by us, and a 1 month warranty on the repairs carried out by us.

  8. The customer is and remains personally responsible at all times for making a backup of his/her data. GPR can make a backup at the request of the customer (this may involve costs), but can never be held liable for loss or damage to data and/or equipment.